Getting Ready for The Gathering

We’re all abuzz getting ready for an upcoming event.  And it’s not only the Morrison County Historical Society (MCHS) zooming around like frenetic bees.  The Morrison County Genealogy Society (MCGS) and Holy Family Church are in on the act.  The event is called “The Gathering” and its purpose is to celebrate community and family history.  It will be held in Belle Prairie, Minnesota, on Sunday, September 16.  The day will start with an outdoor mass at Holy Family Church at 10:30 a.m.  Following the service will be the rededication of the cabin of Mother Mary Ignatius of Jesus.

At 1:00 p.m. activites sponsored by MCHS and MCGS will start in Father Opat Hall (the TEC center) and in Belle Prairie Park.  We (MCHS) will be primarily concentrating in the park, with Jan Warner, our Executive Director, giving a talk on the overall history of Belle Prairie.  There will be several other sorts of activities in the park.  The Mothers of Pre-Schoolers group will be showcasing several old-fashioned games for children and The Nature Conservancy will be involved in some capacity.  Music is also being planned.

The Morrison County Genealogy Society is taking charge of Father Opat Hall (the TEC center) and will have a variety of booths concerning family history available.  There will be a timeline of Belle Prairie history in the Hall, as well as a PowerPoint presentation about the community’s history.  French-Canadian settlement, Belle Prairie’s pioneer families, and information on Our Lady of the Angels Academy will also be featured.  If you have any sticky genealogy questions, this is the place to come and ask.

No community event is complete without food, and “The Gathering” is no different in this regard.  There will be food for sale throughout the afternoon, including some French-Canadian specialties.

There are sure to be other surprises during the event, which will end at 5:00 p.m.  If you want more information on “The Gathering” (driving directions, maybe?), give us a call at 320-632-4007 or email us at

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