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  1. I have some of the fondest memories of the Swanson Bro’s. store and its owner, Ed Swanson. My friend, Barbara Reese and I used to play with Ed Swanson, playfully calling him names! Ed would chase us through the store saying,” I’m gonna gotcha!” We would hide under the shelves of shovels and picks and he would look for us. I was about 4 to 10 years old when I lived in Freedhem . My dad, Robert K Stuck, along with my mother Nelda J. McPheron – Stuck, pastored the Evangelical Free Church.

  2. Hi, Cindy – Thanks so much for sharing one of your memories of Swanson Bros Store. It’s these kinds of memories that help bring history alive. 🙂

    Mary Warner
    Executive Director

  3. Ed Swanson was my grandfather, so got to work in the store summers when I was a child. I remember Pastor Stuck, not sure I remember you, Cindy, you might have been Joan Reese’s age, and she was a little younger than I was. If you’re back in Freedhem, the store is still going strong–and recently added water! My brother, Craig Swanson, still owns Ed & El’s house across the street from the store, so we’re still very much connected with Freedhem.

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