Dewey-Radke House History Resources

An important part of the preservation of an historic site is the documentation that is kept in order to help us remember that site. This is key because we can never be sure what will bring about the destruction of a site, whether by fire, natural disaster or human action.…

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MCHS Has Won a Dot.Org Award

Late in the afternoon last Thursday, we got an exciting phone call. Shannon from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits informed us that the Morrison County Historical Society had won a Dot.Org Award for our website. Our specific award is the Nifty and Thrifty Award for having used an array of…

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Projects Coming to Fruition

Strangely, it can feel as though we aren’t making significant progress on some of our projects, even though we’re constantly working on something. And then, suddenly, a bunch of things are completed all at once. That has happened for us today. Ann Marie is putting together the shelves needed to…

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