Ask yourself some of the following questions in order to get started on your “What’s It Like” essay:

When writing an essay on your chosen topic, try to be as specific as possible, mentioning the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the subject. For example, who got you started on your occupation or hobby? Where do you perform a particular task (playing basketball, canning pickles, babysitting, etc.)? If your topic is time-related, when were you engaged in it? Are you still involved? Do you take part at a certain time of day? What kinds of tools or skills are involved? Why are you involved with a specific occupation or hobby or life task? What do you get out of it? How did you become identified with a particular group?

All topics should be tied to Morrison County and the experiences you’ve had that relate to this place. How do you think it would be different from someplace else?

Following are more questions to ask yourself regarding the particular topic category you’ve chosen. These are starter questions only. Please do not limit yourself to answering just these questions. Write whatever you think about your topic. Surprise us! If you still need help starting, give us a call at 320-632-4007 or email and we will ask you questions directly related to your topic as inspiration.


Where do you work? How did you get started with this occupation or this particular job? How long have you been involved with this occupation? Did anyone inspire you to take up this line of work? If so, who? Do you have a mentor? If so, who, and how does s/he support you in your work? What are the rewards and challenges of your occupation? What surprises you about your job?


How did you get started with this hobby? How long have you been engaged in it? What are the rewards and challenges of your hobby? Are there any special tools or supplies needed for your hobby? Name them and their functions. Is there support for your hobby in Morrison County? If so, what kinds of support (a group, easy access to supplies, etc.)? If not, where do you go to find support for your hobby? Who helps you with your hobby?

Life Tasks

Describe how you go about the specific life task you’ve chosen to write about. Use as much detail as possible. What are the rewards and challenges of the task? How did you learn it? What tools do you use? Where do you do this task? At what time of day or year? Does anyone help you with this task? If so, who?


When did you realize you had this particular identity? What’s it like to live with this identity in Morrison County? What are the rewards and challenges of having this identity? Are you supported in your identity? How does your identity affect your everyday life?

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  1. What’s it is like to move to Morrison County
    I lived in St. Paul and Hastings almost 45 years. That is until I met my future husband. He was a blind date from Royalton. We dated long distance for all most 3 months. Phone bills added up and the drive on Friday and back home on Sunday became very tireing for us.
    We decided one of us had to make the move. Since I lived in an apartment and he had his own home, I was the one.
    What was it going to be like? I am leaving 45 years worth of friends,, and relatives. My son just graduated from college and he decided to make the move with me. He left for the small town of Royalton one monthth before I did, because he found a job. Something I would need to to do. I found a job at the local bank in Little Falls. One Friday on my return to work after my lunch hour I decided to buy myself some flowers. I stopped in at the Flower Dell. As I entered the store I went directly to the flower case. This lady came up to me and ask if she could help. When I looked at her she commented on how much I looked like her old 8th grade school friend from Hastings. And when I looked up I realized she was Pat Quinn (Anderson) back then.
    My move to Morrison County truely was a good thing.

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