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  1. Hello! I was taking a look at your online lace exhibit and I think there are a few things not included here that may not be in your catalog records. The piece in the upper corner marked 82-57-43- is a tatted doily. The flower in the upper right with the thicker sewn lines is likely Irish lace (maybe Irish crochet), Venetian lace, or point de Venise lace. Lace 1970.34.7 is torchon lace (referring to the shape) and has crocheted elements, but I think the looser sections connecting the crocheted lines are bobbin lace.

    1. Amanda – Thanks so much for your insight on our lace pieces. So often we have to rely on what our collections donors know about a given piece and because we deal in so many different types of artifacts, we don’t usually know all the particulars. It’s super helpful to have people in-the-know give us more information on our artifacts. Thank you!

      Mary Warner
      Executive Director

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