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The Morrison County Historical Society needs your voice in support of Bonding Bill H.F. 1867. The bill was introduced last year by Representative Ron Kresha in the House and Senator Paul Gazelka in the Senate. We presented at a hearing on the bill in committee last March. The bill is currently in the Capital Investment Committee.

Bonding Bill H.F. 1867 addresses several museum improvements, including severe erosion of the Mississippi River bank as close as 20 feet from one corner of the building. The recent erosion event in 2016 followed by an intense period of heavy rain in June of 2020, where 8-12 inches fell in a 6 hour period in parts of Little Falls, have made the erosion dramatically visible. Areas impacted included the Charles Lindbergh House and Museum, parts of Pike Creek where it runs through Charles A. Lindbergh State Park, and The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum. Morrison County was able to get the area determined a natural disaster area. The erosion at the Lindbergh House and Museum was repaired last fall but, as the Weyerhaeuser Museum property is not listed in the National Register of Historic Places and we are a private non-profit, we were not eligible for the same funds. In order to help mitigate some of the impacts of future heavy rain events, we have constructed a natural berm along the river bank with the help of Morrison County Soil and Water.

Bonding Bill H.F. 1867 is the BEST chance we have to stop the slide into the Mississippi River. Morrison County’s population is not large so we have to be loud!

Click HERE to open the Capital Investment Committee page and find names and emails of the members. Please send them a note or short letter in support of our bill.

Click the link below to find a sample letter you can use. Just sign and date!

Letter to Capital Investment Committee

Thank you for your support!

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