23 Things on a Stick – Thing 22

Can I really be posting on Thing 22 of 23 Things on a Stick? One more to go! I think I am going to miss it. We have learned so much already and there is so much more out there to absorb. It is hard to keep up unless you devote some time to it. The best part is that while the tools that are available might sound scary, they really are not all that hard to use. They can also be a lot of fun. Most important, perhaps, is the need to stay informed. I do not think that it is going to be hard for us to keep up with the museum’s newsfeed, Skimming the Cream.  We made a commitment to it when we decided to start it. Mary is already doing a great job of at least trying to keep up with the new tools as they appear. This should get easier for me after we change from a phoneline access to high-speed internet and no longer have to share one computer for internet access.

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