This is a 12-gauge Rev-O-Noc double-barreled shotgun, manufactured by H.S.B. & Co. in 1896. Donated by Fred and Russell Johnson, 1957 MCHS Collections #1957-3-2

Weyerhaeuser Museum Virtual Firearms Exhibit

(LITTLE FALLS, MN – November 16, 2020) The Morrison County Historical Society (MCHS) is proud to announce a greater expansion of their virtual exhibits through the addition of a new online exhibit featuring six rarely-displayed firearms that have been donated to the Weyerhaeuser Museum. This new exhibit was created by MCHS intern, Raymond Mulvey, as part of the newly created Writing Intern Program.

This virtual exhibit features historic firearms that were once used by some of the people of Morrison County. These firearms include antique black-powder rifles, crafted by pioneers of Minnesota, as well as Imperial Japanese Rifles used during WW2, brought here from halfway across the world.

This research into these fascinating pieces of the collection and the accompanying writing was done by Raymond Mulvey, a graduating senior of Saint John’s University. “We were thrilled that an English major was interested in doing a writing internship with us,” said Mary Warner, executive director of the Morrison County Historical Society. “There are infinite possibilities for topics that students can write about within our collections. Ray gave us a new perspective on some of those topics, including these firearms, through his work.” In addition to this virtual exhibit, Mr. Mulvey has also written up a number of articles for the MCHS detailing various local historical events, retelling them in a modern context and helping to uncover the details of some of these important stories.

MCHS’s virtual firearms exhibit can be found at

For more information on this exhibit, contact the Morrison County Historical Society at 320-632-4007.


Note: This press release was written by Ray Mulvey, MCHS Writing Intern, as part of his internship project.

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