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Morrison County Lumber Company
Morrison County Lumber Company, circa 1930

The Morrison County Lumber Company was formed in February of 1907 by August Christensen, Herman Utsch and Z. N. Barnes.  All three were employees of the Pine Tree Lumber Company of Little Falls, Minnesota.  The company was set up as a retail lumber business for the Little Falls area and was organized initially to take over the retail business of the Pine Tree Lumber Company.  Article I of the Articles of Incorporation for the new company states, “(t)he general nature of its business shall be the dealing at retail in lumber, fuel, building material and similar commodities, and it shall have all the powers necessary to the transaction of such business….”  Starting in January 1919, the business was located at 70 Northeast First Avenue in downtown Little Falls.  The second floor of the building housed the Maud Moon Weyerhaeuser Hall, which served as the performance hall for the Musical Art Club of Little Falls.  Maud Moon was the wife of lumberman, Charles A. Weyerhaueser.

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