23 Things on a Stick – Thing 14

Is it possible that we are more than halfway through? Yippee! Just think of all that we have learned and explored so far and what is yet to come.

Thing 14 covered an online library catalog called Library Thing. Billed as the world’s largest book club, Library Thing looked like an interesting site for sharing information on books and getting ideas on what to read. For our Library Thing online catalog we chose to add a few of the most widely used resources on the history of Morrison County. Unfortunately, try as I might, I was unable to manually add a book to the Morrison County catalog on Library Thing. The book, Little Falls on the Big River: A History of Little Falls, Minnesota for Kids, was not in any of the online library catalogs so it could not be added the easy way. While this was a bit frustrating, I did appreciate being able to add a review to one of the books that was successfully added to the catalog. The museum’s collection of books are currently cataloged in our PastPerfect accessions program. Though not available online, it is easily accessible by staff at the museum in the event that the catalog in their head is not functioning properly.

Happy Spring!

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