23 Things on a Stick – Thing 9

We love collaboration at the Morrison County Historical Society so Thing 9 was right up our alley. Of the two tools that were introduced in this Thing, Zoho Office Suite and Google Docs, both seemed to me to be relatively easy to use. Mary preferred Google Docs. Zoho Office Suite is a web-native operating system that includes a variety of tools, including word processing, databases, wikis and spreadsheets. The Zoho DB & Reports tool looked particularly interesting. An online database program, this tool could be useful for sharing some of the museum’s indexing information, such as cemetery records. The Zoho wiki, which provides for the creation of online collaborative pages, and Zoho Writer, which allows multiple users who can access from a variety of locations at the same time, also look like potentially useful tools for the muesum.

Google Docs seemed quite similar to Zoho. The option to create new files or to upload already existing documents is a nice feature. The familiar desktop and the ability to share and collaborate in real time also looked great. Google Docs appears to be a viable option for sharing information online. Now on to Thing 10!

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