To Be a Car Hop

Okay! I was a car hop at Sammy’s Drive-In in the ‘50s. We had “good” customers and some that weren’t so good, but “had” to treat them all the same. Well this was a Friday night and I was the only car hop on duty, even though Marilyn said she was working. I don’t think so! I was very busy when a car with 2 guys came in, and, I knowing the guys, and I DID NOT have time for them, so I didn’t go out to their car right away. They were leaning on the horn so I finally went out and got their order. I delivered the order, and the driver gave me a $20. Sammy would put the change under a mug and yell, “Change up!” but I didn’t have time to get it back to the car and put up with “them!” So they started to lean on their horn again. “Bring our change out.” And I said, “Get it yourselves!” they did. Then it was, “We’re done,” and I said, “Take it up yourself!” They did.

Then as I was waiting on another car, I looked up and went “Ah!” because there was this “Big Ape” like guy coming toward me!!! He came over, picked me up (I was under 100 pounds all through high school), spanked me, put me down and walked away! With that, I kept working. And he had to pick up his mom from work at Victor Clothing Company at 9:00. She already had heard about it.

I got even. I married that guy!

And when I went to formally meet his mom, that was the first thing she said to me … “I’d never go with someone who spanked me.” I didn’t tell her I was getting even!

Sammy’s Drive-In was just south of Little Falls by Twomey’s, where the Benson Radiator Shop is now. Sammy Winger from St. Louis Park owned it. And he always had a big cigar in his mouth. He’d smoke it until it “died” then chew the rest of it.

-D. W.

Date of Essay: October 24, 2011

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