To Be a Kiwanian

I moved to Little Falls in December of 2005. I had been a Kiwanian in Red Wing and decided to see if Little Falls had a Kiwanis Club. They did!

I joined the Little Falls Kiwanis Club in January 2006. Our club, like so many service clubs, struggles with membership. The younger generation (those under age 50) are not willing to make the long-term commitment. They are more likely to do a one-time event or one annual event.

Our club is made up of mostly business owners, government employees, and former teachers. One year after joining the club, I was asked to be President. I accepted. Our club has about 20 active members. For a small club, we work very hard to serve the community. Our main emphasis is serving the needs of children. Our club has proudly served Little Falls for over 50 years.

C. Olsen

Date of Essay: November 17, 2011

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