To Be a Dancer

What is it like [to be a dancer] in Morrison county is a good question. Well here is the answer for you. To be a dancer in Morrison County it is very fun because there is not a lot of dance studios in Morrison County and so we just band together to find space. Dance is also very cool.  For me dance is very expressive because you can dance to so your feelings or you can also dance with your friends to have fun.  In Morrison County there are very few dancers so we all become a big family that is amazingly awesome. It is so cool when I go to dance camps and find who is all from Morrison County.

Some of the bad things is that there are few resources here in Morrison County.  When you live in Morrison County you don’t get support as much as you should as dance being a sport. You don’t get as much space like you should. You don’t get as many styles of dance as other towns do. You most likely have high kick and jazz funk.  You don’t get new uniforms as easily as other counties. To get new uniforms your team would need to do fundraisers to raise money.  Sometimes the school will pay for new uniforms every so many years. So these are some of the positive and negative things about being a dancer in Morrison County.

-Kyra E.

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