Hey, Where Did the Website Go?

If you’ve attempted to find the Morrison County Historical Society’s website and this here blog over the past few days, I’m sure you’re wondering where it went. Due to a server upgrade, our site was lost. After many phone calls between us and our Web Guru Eric Swanson, and many calls between him and the server, we’re finally back up and running.

As our email account runs through our website and server, if you tried to send us an email, that was probably an unsuccessful endeavor, as well. Emails should get to us now, so please try again.

Even though our website was down, we did still maintain a small web presence through our Twitter account. This is where I announced the website issue and kept people posted. If you’re a Twitter user and would like to follow us, you can find us here: http://twitter.com/weymu. If you aren’t a Twitter user and you want to follow along, sign up for an account and then click on our profile link (it’s the link in the last sentence) and select “follow” in order to get our updates. You’ll be privy to “tweets” such as this:

A hawk flew over my car this morning as I drove into the museum parking lot. Seems oddly appropriate to discuss birds on Twitter. – m

Need some help in navigating Twitter? Here’s a beginner’s guide from CNET.

Time to get back to work on the newsletter.

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