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We recently received our first sponsor for the Story Behind the Tat: Tattoo Art in Central MN exhibit! The Pine Country Bank in Little Falls is now supporting our exhibit at the $200 level!

Sponsorship will allow the Morrison County Historical Society (MCHS) to collect and preserve a slice of the history of tattoo art in Morrison County and Central Minnesota. We will do this by taking photos and gathering stories from people who have tattoos and tattoo artists. These photos and stories will be turned into various products and events (see below) that will provide audiences with different ways to explore tattoo art as practiced in the area. The history we gather from The Story Behind the Tat will become part of the Morrison County Historical Society’s collections and will be housed at The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum in Little Falls, MN.

Through sponsorship, many of these programs & products will be offered to audiences for free (exhibit, bookmarks, discussions, video, web series) or at a reasonable cost (books, annual program).

There are four sponsorship tiers for The Story Behind the Tat:
Tier 1: Finger Tattoo – $200 – 5/6 currently available
Tier 2: Full-Sleeve – $500
Tier 3: Back Piece – $750
Tier 4: Body Suit – $1,000+

For an explanation to the tier benefits, see the attached chart: 2019 Tat Program_Sponsorship Tiers & Benefits

Museum Exhibit & Opening: April 13 2019 opening, exhibit to run from April through the end of 2019.
Audience per year = 2,000+

Online Exhibit (Video / Website Series): Because our content lives online for years, it has the potential to draw people in over a long span of time. MCHS has been online with an active website since 2002.
Audience: MCHS website unique visitors in 2018 as of November 24, 2018 = 112,381

MCHS Annual Program with Tattoo Theme: September 2019
Audience = 50-100 people

Discussion Events (2): May & June 2019 – MCHS will be showing the episode of Netflix Explained regarding the history of tattoos in order to lead a discussion on the art.
Audience = 10-20 per event

Bookmarks: 6 styles printed, 250 bookmarks printed of each style.
Total Audience = 1,500

Book: Created from the exhibit, print-on-demand. The books we create at the Morrison County Historical Society are popular and are produced in-house as needed. They remain in production for years and are sold in the museum’s gift shop.
Audience = Approximately 100 in the first year

MCHS Newsletter: MCHS members are a highly-focused audience. They tend to save and share our newsletter.
Audience = 400-450 newsletters printed 4x a year

Social Media Channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MailChimp –YouTube is brand new audience for MCHS as of 2018, so we are still building followers.
Audience: Facebook = 723, Twitter = 830, MailChimp = 138

If you or your business would be interested in sponsoring us and our upcoming exhibit, contact Executive Director Mary Warner at (320)632-4007 or email us at!

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