Kind Words for the Morrison County Historical Society

In August 2016, we at the Morrison County Historical Society were surprised and pleased to receive a letter from the Institute for Museum and Library Services. U.S. Representative Rick Nolan had nominated our organization for the 2017 National Medal for Museum Service. Here is the letter:

Nomination letter from IMLS for MCHS, August 2016.
Nomination letter from IMLS for MCHS, August 2016.

If you’re having difficulty reading the letter due to the laughably small image (if I make it bigger, it becomes blurry), see the pdf version here.

After receiving this letter, we were asked to submit a formal nomination packet, which included letters of recommendation. As the letters of recommendation were rolling in, we wanted to share them, but couldn’t make them public until after the all nominations were reviewed.

While we are disappointed that MCHS did not receive a 2017 National Medal, we are delighted that Representative Nolan took the time to nominate us. (This year’s finalists are listed in this IMLS press release.)

And now we are able to share the wonderful letters of recommendation we received for the nomination. Squeeee!

Letter of recommendation from Morrison County Commissioner Jeffrey Jelinski

Letter of recommendation from John Hamerlinck, who is part of MCHS’s Strategic Planning Committee

Letter of recommendation from Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith, authors of the “The Gold Rush Widows of Little Falls”

Letter of recommendation from Ren Holland, who was on the original design committee for the Weyerhaeuser Museum and is the author of “The Early Resorts of Minnesota”

Thanks to all of our letter writers for their kind words about MCHS. Thanks, also, to Representative Nolan for the nomination.


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