More Website Updates

I’ve uploaded a few more articles from past issues of the MCHS newsletters. They are as follows:

The Antlers Hotel

Preserving Holiday Ornaments

Clifton & Anna Tidd

Four Dams at Little Falls

Gone! (An article about buildings that have disappeared recently in Morrison County.)

Did you know that we don’t put the entire contents of our newsletters online? When we post selected articles, we do so well after their original release. The benefit of being a member of the Morrison County Historical Society is that you get a hard copy of the full version of the newsletter in a timely fashion. If you haven’t seen it, our quarterly newsletter is not your typical newsletter. It’s chock full of well-researched, original articles on various aspects of county history. We’ve heard from our members that our newsletter is much loved. Some members even preserve their newsletters as a collection. Become a member today and start your own collection of the MCHS newsletter. Email us for details.

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