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MCHS staff spend quite a bit of time doing research online. While here, we’re on a continual quest to find new sources of Morrison County history. We have a pretty good idea of what’s out there, but we’ve had a hard time finding blogs that touch on Morrison County, either as far as current issues are concerned, or for past issues. I was very excited, therefore, when the Google Alert we have set for ‘morrison county historical society,’ returned a hit that led us directly to a blog related to a family in Morrison County.

The blog is called Hesch History and it is run by Maryls Sebasky. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Marlys explores the history of the Hesch family. It appears that she started this blog in January 2009, so it’s new. What’s surprising is that she has another blog called Ephemeral Gramma (used to be called Ephemeral Florist) that she’s been operating since October 2004. That’s a long time for a blog. By contrast, Skimming the Cream has been around since August 2007.

If you know of any other blogs related to Morrison County history or genealogy, please let us know in the comments.

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  1. YAY!! Thanks for linking to Hesch History–I’ve had quite a few hits so far through MCHS, and last night, one from the Czech Republic, from a town not far from Oberschlagles. Wow–Heschs have come full circle!
    I’d like to challenge ALL other Morrison County families to set up a blog–its not hard at all, and it doesn’t cost anything but your time. Just think how much family history you can store here online! There are so many cool results, too–when family members read it, they send stories, or pictures you didn’t know about! AND, they can copy posted photos for their own collections. It’s a win-win, but someone needs to START it.
    If you’re worried about what to write beyond who, what, where–you can stop at the Weyerhauser and look in your families’ folder. Copy something there, post it, and explain what it’s about. Pretty soon, you’ll have loads to research, and much of it IS online these days.
    If you’re thinking about doing this, email me. I’ll encourage the dickens outta you!

  2. Hi, Marlys – Glad we could drive some traffic your way.

    We, too, would like to see more people set up their own family history blogs. Then we could link to them, too. Individuals are truly the experts on their own family histories, more so than we can ever hope to be. We are good at collecting and preserving history, but it’s tough for any of us on staff to memorize all of the data in our files. (We’re pretty good at finding it, though! That’s how we give our brains a work-out.)

    With the wonders of the internet, we’d like to encourage people to share the information in their private collections online. Truly, everyone who has information and material stuff has their own mini-museum and that stuff can be connected to what we own, plus the stuff other people own. Through this collective endeavor, we can all learn more about our history.

    We’ve been considering offering a class on how to blog if there is enough interest in this sort of thing. If we could get between 5 and 10 people who would like to take a class, we’ll set something up. Just let us know.

    Thanks for your enthusiastic comment, Marlys. We really appreciate it. 🙂

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