Collections Carousel – Triner Scale, Circa 1965

Triner Scale, Circa 1965
Triner Scale (2016.2.1), Circa 1965

Before the electronic age, when digital scales became the preferred mechanism for measuring the weight of mail, handheld scales were often used to determine postal rates. This small (4.875″ x 2.75″) metal scale, manufactured by the Triner Scale & Manufacturing Company, Inc., of Memphis, Tennessee, was intended for home use. The scale could measure letters weighing up to 4 oz. According to the instructions, the piece of mail to be weighed is attached to the clip and the scale is held by the round loop holder so that it hangs freely. When the scale becomes steady, the indicator marks the exact weight. Triner scales were known for their precision and were often advertised as accurate to the Department of Commerce Bureau of Standards & Tolerances.

The scale came to the Morrison County Historical Society (MCHS) from the estate of Alvina Marie (Weiss) Welle (October 12, 1919 – February 15, 2015), the mother of MCHS board member, Duane Welle. Alvina and her husband, Victor (November 19, 1919 – October 2, 1994) had nine children and lived on a farm in Belle Prairie Township for most of their lives.

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