Little Falls Ravine Tour Now Online

ravinetourcoverAfter writing an article on the Little Falls ravine for the MCHS newsletter last year, we knew there was more we wanted to do with it. Wouldn’t the route of the ravine through part of downtown make a great walking tour? When we were asked to create a couple of tours for the Minnesota Historic Preservation Conference that was held in Little Falls this past September, I saw an opportunity to add the ravine into the tour I gave on the east side of Little Falls. Because it is difficult to visualize the ravine now, I wanted to provide those on the tour with some photos, so I took the newsletter article, added more photos, my hand-drawn map, and a list of places to stop on the tour and created a guide book.

Little Falls Ravine: The Missing Landmark is now online. It is also available for sale at the Weyerhaeuser Museum ($3.00 + tax) or through our online shop.

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