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Little Falls High School Football Team, 1944
Little Falls “Undefeated” 1944 Football Team

This recent addition to the collections of The Morrison County Historical Society came well-documented, with the names and positions of each individual and the title, Little Falls “Undefeated” 1944 Football Team, handwritten on the backAccording to the Little Falls High School yearbook for the following year, the Flyers Football team was coached by Norm Galloway and Frank Studley and the team was undefeated during the 1944 season. Dick Eich, No. 13, was a two-time all-conference player. Doug Hanowski, No. 12, made the all-star team in 1945. Gordon Oothoudt, “stellar end for the second season” rounded out the lead team. According an article published in the Little Falls Daily Transcript following the final game of the 1944 season, “(a) dream of a perfect season became a reality last night as the Flier gridders, directed by Coach Norm Galloway, finished the schedule with a 6-0 defeat over St. Cloud Cathedral at the fairgrounds….The perfect record was a fitting reward for a gallant team, a team that wouldn’t be beaten, a team that would never quit, a team that outplayed each opponent and deserved each triumph.” (Koprek, Tom. “Fliers Finish Season With Perfect Record; Overpower Cathedral 6-0 In Final Quarter.” 4 November 1944: 4. Print.).

First Row (left to right):  Jim Grettum – No. 24, Center; “Butch” Hamm – No. 17, Quarter Back; Gerald Dolquist – No. 32, Right Tackle; Leo Meyer – No. 35, Left Tackle; Roland Schriener – No. 26, Full Back; Duane Laeseski – No. 14, Right End; Bernard Welinski – No. 11, Right Half; Kenneth Doucette – No. 28, Right End.

Second Row (left to right):  Wallace Mead – No. 15, Left End; Bob Noyes – No. 25, Right End; Bob Evans – No. 30, Right Half; Sleepy Zerwas – No. 10, Center; Jim Pearson – No. 21, Left Guard; Tony Lesinski – No. 33, Full Back; Harry Katz – No. 31, Left Tackle; Gordon Oothoudt – No. 22, Left End; Dave Griffith – No. 19, Left Half.

Third Row (left to right):  John Longley – honorary captain; Austin Engel – No. 29, Quarter Back; Dick Eich – No. 13, Left Half; Phil Reilly – No. 23, Center; Bob Flolid – No. 16, Left Half; Bill Hammond – No. 27, Full Back; John Wachlarowicz (“Wakii”) – No. 34, Right Tackle; “Doug” Hanowski – No. 12, Left Guard.

Fifth Row (left to right):  Mr. Studley – Coach; Mr. Galloway – Coach; Caro Perry – “B” Squad Coach; Mr. Mead – Jr. High Coach; Chuck Randall – Manager; Dick McIntosh – Manager.

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