Collections Carousel

Welcome to Collections Carousel, an ongoing series that will feature a wide variety of items from the collections of The Charles A. Weyerhaueser Memorial Museum.  The museum has some really neat stuff, stuff that staff members sometimes become almost desperate to share.  As online content continues to explode, we want to use that digital bandwagon to give the collections added exposure and make more of it accessible to the public.  The rotating platform of treasures that will be exhibited on Collections Carousel will highlight the richness and depth of the collections, adding to our knowledge of the history of Morrison County and the world.  Look for future posts right here on the museum’s blog, Skimming the Cream.

The Morrison County Historical Society is a non-profit institution dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the history of Morrison County.  We collect and preserve only those items that are directly related to the history of Morrison County.  Items must be clean and in good condition.  If you are interested in donating to the collections, please contact us (320/632-4007;

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