Changing Our Socks

We change the look (or theme) of our blog about as often as we change our socks at MCHS. We’re trying to find that perfect balance of clean look and interesting design. The new blue look is called Ocean Mist and we tried it on when we were messing with a shadow blog.

In case you ran into our shadow blog while doing a search for local history, it was our experiment to back up our regular blog after it crashed last October. We were also using it because our regular blog was set so that search engines couldn’t find it. The regular blog was configured this way because we had been getting a lot of spam on it. (Long, involved explanation, I know, but that’s how these tech things seem to roll.)

After a number of adjustments to our regular blog (the place you are visiting right now if you are reading this), we found that we no longer needed the shadow blog, so we have deleted it. (Don’t worry. It had all the same content that this one has.) We did, however, like the theme of that blog (clean look, interesting design, and all) and decided to use it for our regular blog.

Now that we’ve changed our socks again, we’ll try to keep them on our feet for a while so we don’t cause a bunch of confusion.

P.S. Check out our header photo. The explanation can be found under the About MCHS tab located at the very bottom of the photo.

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