Morrison County Influentials: 136-140

The Influentials from last week and how they were influential:

131. John C. “J.C.” Patience (1873-1972) – Long-time employee of Pine Tree Manufacturing Company and associated companies in Little Falls, MN.  Vice President of Americal National Bank of Little Falls for 39 years. Organized Little Falls Federal Savings & Loan Company with John Vertin, W. A. Molde, Arthur Simonet, and A. F. Koslowsky. Also served as an officer and director of said company. Was President of the Little Falls Board of Commerce.

132. Carl Bolander (1867-1944) – Carpenter/building contractor, real estate dealer. Born in Sweden, came to the United States in 1892, settled in Chicago. Arrived in Little Falls, Minnesota, a year later. Friend and business associate of Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr., looking after Lindbergh’s real estate interests. Got involved with real estate himself. Built the West Hotel, the Engstrom building, and the L. Pancratz building in Little Falls. Was a notary public for 50 years. Served on the school board, as an alderman on the Little Falls City Council, and on the public works board. Platted the Oakland Cemetery in Little Falls and was secretary of the Oakland Cemetery Association for 30 years.

133. Gerald W. Massy (1859-1933) – Born in Ireland. Came to the United States in 1880. Settled in western Minnesota and began farming. Four years later, he moved to Morrison County. Was the head foreman for the construction of the third dam in Little Falls (1887-1888 construction). Began a real estate and insurance business in Little Falls in 1891 near the Northern Pacific Depot. Was an agent for the St. Paul & Northern Pacific Railroad lands.

134. Andrew Fenn (1862-1927?) – Born in Kentucky. Moved to Minnesota when he was 15. Worked for several railroad companies. Moved to Little Falls in 1893 and was in the land business for two years. Elected City Engineer a couple of years later. Held the office for six years, until 1900, then was elected as Morrison County Surveyor. Held this position for ten years, then resigned in order to take a position as the District Engineer for the State Highway Commission.

135. Franklin Pierce Farrow (1857-1918) – His family came to the Morrison County area in 1855, prior to the county being formed. The family moved to St. Anthony for a time, but later returned to Morrison County. He purchased his own farm in Two Rivers Township, Morrison County, around the time of his marriage (1877). He sold this farm after four years and opened the first butcher shop in Royalton, MN. Four and a half years later, he bought a meat market in Little Falls and ran it for just over seven years. He built the Columbia Hotel in Little Falls. He was appointed chief of police during Isaac Staples’ term as Mayor of Little Falls. He later operated a livery barn. He purchased the third car in the county, a chain-drive Reo, in 1907 and in 1908, he purchased a garage. He became an agent for Chevrolet and Maxwell cars and operated a truck line between Little Falls and Pierz.

The next batch of Influentials:

136. Warren Woodworth

137. Father Kost

138. John Roch

139. Arvid Christopherson

140. Cliff Buck

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