Unlucky 13

I was copying some articles on The Antlers Hotel for a researcher this afternoon when I came across the following article:

Room No. 13.

“There is no longer a room No. 13 at the Antlers. When Jno. E. Sutton managed the house, 13 was used as a sewing room, and it was only recently furnished for a bedroom. When Schilling’s minstrels arrived Saturday, 13 was assigned to two of them, but although it is one of the best rooms in the house, they made a vigorous protest and declared that sooner than sleep in a room of that number they would go to the barn. There was not a man in the company who would occupy it, so they were given another room. Mr. Forde says there are very few hotels in which a room No. 13 can be found.”

Little Falls Daily Transcript, March 13, 1893

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