Collections Carousel – Valentine’s Day Cards

To My Valentine ("To Miss Houle From Einar Mattson"), Circa 1925

This sampling of Valentine’s Day cards comes from a collection acquired by Stella (Houle) LeBlanc during her years as a school teacher.  Stella was born in Belle Prairie Township, Morrison County, Minnesota, on December 13, 1909 to Joe and Lumina (Laforce) Houle.  In 1931, Stella married Wilfred LeBlanc at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Belle Prairie.  Stella and Wilfred farmed east of Little Falls, Minnesota, until 1966.  Based on the number and variety of cards in Stella’s Valentine collection, she was a much loved and popular teacher.  All of the cards pictured are three-dimensional and feature elaborately colored cutwork designs.  All were printed in Germany and cost between five and ten cents.

To my Valentine, Circa 1925
Loving Greeting ("from Rapheal Piekarski"), Circa 1930

“Onward like a swift express/Flies my loving heart to you,/Bearing all the wishes tender,/That can come from sweetheart true.” (printed on base of card)

To my Valentine ("to teacher from Jackie"), Circa 1930
To my Valentine ("From Leo D."), Circa 1930

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