Little Falls on the Big River Now Online

In 2000, staff of the Morrison County Historical Society was hired by the Little Falls Heritage Preservation Commission to produce a book that could be used to teach local history to students in the Little Falls school district. The result was a 100-page book called “Little Falls on the Big River: A History of Little Falls, Minnesota for Kids.”

After seeing the book, a number of adults were interested in purchasing the book, so a second printing was done (the first printing having gone to the local schools) and the book was put on sale at the Weyerhaeuser Museum.

At this point, we have sold almost all of the books. Because of changes in software, the original layout files can no longer be reproduced, so there are no plans to reprint the book. Given these factors, it was decided that the easiest way to keep the book in circulation was to digitize it and offer it online. You’ll find a link to the¬†eBook on our Publications page.

If you want to access it without going to another page, you may download it here. The pdf file is large and requires high-speed internet to download. If you have a download speed of 5 Mbps, it’ll take about 5 minutes to download.

If you’d prefer a paper version of the book, stop by the museum to pick up a copy.

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