The Legend of Hole in the Day

Last year I wrote a long newsletter article examining the legend of Chief Hole in the Day I. This legend states that so long as the Chief’s grave on the bluff north of Little Falls, MN, is not disturbed, bad weather will not strike Little Falls. It was a legend I first heard as a kid from my father and I was curious as to how it arose. My investigation led to some surprising conclusions.

Once the article went out in the newsletter to our members, we republished it in booklet form and put it on sale at the museum for $3.00 plus tax. It’s still for sale here, but we also wanted to make it available online within a year of its original publication. Well, a year is now up, so you’ll find “The Legend of Hole in the Day” available in pdf form by clicking this link. You’ll also find a link to the booklet listed on the People page of the History section of the website. Happy reading!

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