Booster Brochures on Minnesota Reflections

MCHS has gone through another round of digitization through the Minnesota Digital Library.  We chose four booklets to have digitized.  All were related to boosterism – trying to get people to move to Morrison County by touting our natural resources and other amenities.  The booklets we chose were the following:

Little Falls, Minnesota: Its Present and Future

Morrison County, Minnesota: Its Advantages and Prospects

Morrison County, Minnesota: The Domain of Better Farms

Nichols’ Headlight: Souvenir of Little Falls and Morrison County, Minnesota

These documents, which have been scanned in full and appear on the Minnesota Reflections website, join the 1892 plat book that is already online.  To view them, simply go to Minnesota Reflections and select the option to browse “by collection.”  A screen will come up with the collections listed by institution.  Select the letter “M” at the top of the screen to go directly to institutions beginning with that letter.  Scroll down to the Morrison County Historical Society and select the “view the collection” link.

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised to run across these fascinating brochures on Minnesota Reflections. The publications might have particular interest to genealogists as they contain a nice selection of photographs of family farms (some identified as to which family owned them), business and local political leaders, street scenes and businesses.
    Thank you for sharing these small treasures with the public.

  2. Hi, Larry – We’re glad you found these brochures valuable. That’s what we thought of them on so many levels. Most of them have great agricultural data, too. Other than Nichols’ Headlight, which we continually refer to, the other brochures are not the sort of resources that people have an opportunity to run across often in our collections. By having them digitized as part of the Minnesota Digital Library, we hoped people could access them more readily and see them for the gems they are.

    Thanks for commenting.

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