New Museum Life Articles Online

One of our goals, aside from preserving and sharing Morrison County history, is to give the public a peek inside the operations of a small museum. The museum field is a professional one that has been in development for a long time. It has its own jargon, procedures, ethical standards, and challenges and continues to evolve. If we can help people understand what it is we do … the nitty-gritty, authentic version of museum life, rather than a romanticized version … our work will be easier and we’ll be able to build more solid relationships with our supporters.

In order to further that goal, we have long dedicated newsletter space to discussing museum life issues. We have already posted a bunch of those articles to our website under the Museum Life heading in the left sidebar. Well, I’ve just posted five more Museum Life articles.

Bequeathing Your Digital Data to Museums

Disaster Plan

The Evolution of a Collection

What Good Are Museums?

Which Item Doesn’t Belong?

You’ll be able to access all of these from the Museum Life page if you don’t want to have to find this blog post again later.

If you have questions about aspects of museum life that aren’t answered in any of our articles, give us a holler. We’re happy to answer them and glean further inspiration for future articles.

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