Morrison County Influentials: 101-105

96. John D. Logan (1838-1907). Businessman. John D. Logan was born in Pennsylvania. Logan moved to Northfield, Minnesota, in 1855 and six years later enlisted in Company G, First Regiment, Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. In 1864, after being discharged for disability (sunstroke), he married Mary J. Walker. The Logans had three children – Harry Milton, Frank B. and Charles W. In 1879, Logan moved to Royalton, Minnesota, and built a saw and planning mill on the Platte River near the southern boundary of Morrison County. In 1887 he opened a mill in Lincoln, Minnesota, which he operated for four years in partnership with his son, Harry. Logan laid out the original town site of Royalton in 1879. The town site covered about twenty acres of land that was owned by Logan. Logan served as the president of the village council and as the chairman of the first school board for the Royalton school district.

97. Rev. Joseph Buh (1833-1922). Missionary. Joseph Francis Buh was born in the village of Lucnje, Krain, Austria. He was ordained in his home country in 1858 and came to the United States in 1864. In the summer of 1865 he was placed in charge of the settlement at Belle Prairie, Minnesota, and covered a large territory that included Morrison, Todd, Mille Lacs and Crow Wing counties. Buh Township in Morrison County was named after Rev. Buh. According to a Little Falls Daily Transcript article from 9 July 1895 regarding county board proceedings:

The board created a new town out township 41, north of range 30 west, in accordance with the wishes of a majority of the legal voters therein: The town was named “Buh” in honor of the venerable priest who is now vicar general of the diocese of Duluth….The new town lies directly west of Belle Prairie.

98. Philip Hartmann (1869-1949). Businessman. Philip A. (P.A.) Hartmann was born in Scott County, Minnesota, to Valentine and Rosalia Hartmann. In 1895 Hartmann moved to Pierz, Minnesota, and opened a hardware, harness and grocery business with Jacob Neisius. After the partnership dissolved a year later, Hartmann established his own grocery and hardware store. In 1896 Hartmann married Margaret Hennen. Philip and Margaret had four children – Alexander, Herbert, Reinhart and Leo. After Margaret died in 1904, Hartmann married Margaret’s sister, Elizabeth. Philip and Elizabeth had nine children – Alphonse, Delores, Clarence, Leander, Margaret, Roman, Lavina, Lorraine and Louella. Hartmann was assistant postmaster for Pierz from 1899 until 1914 and was the chief president of the Pierz German State Bank.

99. H. B. Morrison (1843-1890). Businessman. Henry B. Morrison was born in Vermont to Mr. and Mrs. Francis Morrison. In 1855 he moved with his family to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Morrison later moved to Clearwater, Minnesota, and ran a hotel and sawmill for his father. Morrison married Ida A. Benson in 1868. The Morrison’s had two children, Oscar and George. In the spring of 1878, Morrison moved to Motley, Minnesota, and built a sawmill on the Crow Wing River.

100. John Henry Rhodes (1846-1903). Businessman, Lawyer, Farmer. John Henry Rhodes was born in New York to Henry and Marilda (Ludlow) Rhodes. In 1873 he moved to St. Cloud, Minnesota, where he operated a drug business. Four years later, the firm of Rhodes, Spencer and Wetzel opened a drug store in Little Falls. Rhodes moved to Little Falls in 1878 after the new firm of Rhodes & Wetzel took over the enterprise. After this partnership dissolved in 1883, Rhodes turned his attention to operating a large farm in Bellevue and to the study of law. Rhodes began practicing law with the firm of Taylor, Calhoun & Rhodes of St. Cloud and Little Falls. Rhodes later formed a partnership with I. E. Staples and focused on law and land business until 1900. Rhodes gave up his law practice in 1902 and devoted his time to a large rice plantation in Louisiana until his death. During his professional career, Rhodes served as both county and city attorney and as the principal of Little Falls schools. Rhodes married Ellen Vernette Perrigo in 1879 and had eight children – Harrie Vernette, Bertha Marilda, Cora Anne, Carrie Delia, Frances Louise, Lillian Ludlow, George Wilber and Taylor Calhoun. After Ellen’s death in 1892, Rhodes married Nettie May Brown and had one child, Alice Arlene.

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