Logging Camp Cook Apron

On Sunday, June 5, 2011 (yes, it’s a ways off), we’ll have the Weyerhaeuser Museum open for the city’s annual Family Fun Day. Because the primary feature of the Little Falls Family Fun Day is free admission at the tourist sites and we always have free admission, we like to create a special theme for the day. This year’s theme will be aprons. We’ll be celebrating aprons of all sorts, including cooking aprons and work aprons and decorative aprons.

In honor of the event, we decided to offer our own apron for sale through our Cafe Press shop. Jack Kraywinkle designed a series of Timberdoodles postcards for us that feature various characters in the logging industry. Using his drawing of a logging camp cook and cookee, we added a cheeky saying and put it all on an apron. Here’s the final design:


Logging camp cook and cookee apron design, March 2011.
Logging camp cook and cookee apron design, March 2011.

Visit our Cafe Press shop to purchase your own apron. The cost is $21.99.

Also, we still have plenty of Timberdoodles postcards for sale at the museum. Stop in to see all the designs. Each postcard is 10-cents plus tax. A set of 12 costs $1.00 plus tax.


By the way, do you happen to know what flap jacks, jerk water, and cackleberries are? A good lumberjack would know. Take a stab at translating these terms in the comments.

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