Redecorating & Tweaking

Surprise!  We’ve redecorated our blog again.  Well, really, we’ve just selected a new theme.  We had a comment from a researcher about needing more photos, and, of course, we do, but we also wondered if part of the issue was that our last blog theme was visually uninteresting.  So, we’ve jazzed things up.  We’re keeping in mind the fact that we need more photos and we’ll be working on that, but we’re also consumed with finishing our Morrison County Influentials, which take a lot of research time.  Please bear with us.

If you’ve had trouble viewing some of our blog posts (i.e. the posts weren’t showing up), the researcher who suggested we add photos alerted us to the fact that our blog looked strange on Internet Explorer (IE).  We use Firefox and hadn’t seen anything peculiar.  When we checked our blog using IE, things did, indeed, look weird.  We think we’ve fixed the problem, but if something seems not quite right to you, please send us an email.  (Send it to contactstaff (at) morrisoncountyhistory (dot) org.)

We’re also very aware of the fact that posting a comment here requires that you have an account with WordPress.  We don’t like that fact and we’re looking for solutions that will open the comments back up to our readers without simultaneously inviting in the spammers.

Thanks for reading!

~Mary Warner

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