You Like Photos

I was just looking at the viewing statistics for our website and what I found was quite interesting.  Our users (that’d be you) regularly visit our home page, this newsfeed, our family names index, and the cemetery page.  Various history articles are visited here and there, a good mix of articles by topic, with our most popular history articles being the ones on swimsuits and the Jefferson Highway.  These two articles have been popular for quite some time, although we’re not exactly sure why.  The Jefferson Highway article has a link on Wikipedia, so that could be part of it.

A number of you are checking out our unidentified photos and you’re not limiting yourself to just one.  If I’m reading the stats right, it looks as though if you click on one unidentified photo, you’re likely to go through and look at them all.  Some of you are also checking out our photos of the woodchuck.  She’s an attractive gal, although I wouldn’t want to get any closer to her than a photograph.  The real suprise, though, is that some of you are clicking on the photos in the corner of our banner – even the logo.  These were meant to spruce up our web pages and serve you a little eye candy.  Our museum site is beautiful and we wanted to show it off in a small way, but I never thought these photos would be clicked on.  Ahh, technology use.  It sure is an education.

Thanks for visiting the website.  Let us know if there’s something you’d like to see.  If you have trouble with the commenting system, send us an email at

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