Morrison County Influentials: 91-95

86. Neal & Simmons. Photographer. Clinton C. Neal worked as a professional photographer in Little Falls, Minnesota, in the 1880s. Under the name Neal & Simmons he published and offered for sale several stereo-opticon photos entitled “Views of Little Falls and Vicinity” (Little Falls Transcript, 31 August 1883). In September of 1883, the C. C. Neal & F. B. Simmons Photograph Gallery opened above Tuttle and Churchill’s Store in downtown Little Falls. Four years later, Neal sold his business to G. H. Squire and moved with his wife to Long Prairie, Minnesota. (Little Falls Transcript, 5 August 1887).

87. Frank Nelson (1872-1963). Photographer. Frank A. Nelson was born in Sweden and came to the United States in 1892. Before moving to Little Falls, he worked as a machinist in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and operated a photograph gallery in Anoka, Minnesota, with his brother, Peter J. By 1897 he had moved to Little Falls and had purchased the A. E. Boyce photograph studio on First Street Southwest (Little Falls Daily Transcript, 11 August 1897). In the spring of 1908, Nelson built a new studio at 42 Broadway East. The two-story building served as both a gallery and residence. Nelson also had branches in Pierz, Royalton and Staples. In 1936, fellow photographer Gordon Guy took over Nelson’s business (see Morrison County Influential #90). Frank Nelson married Othelia (“Tillie” or “Willa”) Victoria Eklund in 1900. The Nelson’s had two children, Frank Victor and Floyd Edward.

88. Elizabeth Bovy. Photographer. Elizabeth Bovy worked in Little Falls as a professional photographer during the early part of the twentieth century, first at Nelson’s Photo Studio (see Morrison County Influential #87) and later with her own establishment. According to an article in the 6 June 1921 issue of the Little Falls Daily Transcript, “(w)ork was begun this morning on the new studio of Miss Elizabeth Bovey. Miss Bovey has rented the Oftedahl photograph studio and will open parlors as soon as the remodeling is finished.” The Oftedahl studio was located at 112 First Street Northeast in downtown Little Falls. In 1926, Bovy was elected treasurer of the Minnesota Photographers Association (Little Falls Daily Transcript, 10 May 1926). Many of her photographs appear in the 1926 Little Falls High School yearbook.

89. W. E. Christnagel (1895-1985). Photographer. Wellington Edwin Christnagel was born in Champion, Michigan, to Jacob and Elma Florence Elizabeth Mills Christnagel. Christnagel served in the United States Navy during World War I. In 1927 he went to work for the Minnesota Power & Light Company (MPL) in Duluth, Minnesota. Two years later he married Mille Evans (Mildred Gertrude Evans).  The Christnagel’s had two children, Irving and Lois.  Late in 1929, Christnagel was transferred to the Little Falls division of MPL where he worked as Large Power Meterman until his retirement in 1960. After retirement, Christnagel focused on his passion for photography, documenting many scenes throughout the county until his death in 1985. The Christnagel’s had two children, Irving and Lois.

90. Gordon Guy (1915-2006). Photographer. Born in St. Cloud to Colie and Naomi Guy, Gordon Guy worked as a professional photographer in Morrison County for many years. Guy leased Frank A. Nelson’s photo studio in 1936 (see Morrison County Influential #87) and established Gordon Guy Photography. Ten years later, he purchased the building, also using the structure as a combined business and residence. In 1940, Gordon Guy married Virginia (Bunny) Rosenberger. The Guy’s had four children, Tom, Joannie, Bill, Ellen.

This week’s Morrison County Influentials:

91. Axel Borgstrom

92. J. S. Borgstrom

93. Charles Martin

94. Dr. S. G. Knight

95. Frank B. Logan

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