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V.F.W. Post 1112 Coupon, Circa 1975

On April 26, 1930, the Arthur Bernard Johnson V.F.W. Post 1112 was organized in Little Falls, Minnesota.  Johnson was the first man from Little Falls to die in World War I.  Until the organization leased the old City Cafe in 1948, it met in various locations, including above the J.C. Penney Store and the St. Paul Store in downtown Little Falls.  Six years later, the Post moved into its newly constructed home at First Street Southeast.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (V.F.W.) was created in 1899 in Columbus, Ohio, by Veterans of the Spanish-American War.  Chartered by Congress in 1936, the organization later admitted veterans who served in subsequent wars and other United States military expeditions.  The V.F.W. focuses on the rehabilitation of disabled veterans, the protection of national security and the promotion of patriotism and community service activity.

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