“Year by Year” Events in History

I had a call this morning from a researcher wanting a timeline of events from the past several decades. The researcher didn’t want a timeline of Morrison County events, but a more general list of important world events. While many of the world’s events appear in the pages of our local newspapers, that would involve a lot of searching, particularly when these sorts of timelines have been compiled before. I was sure I’d find something suitable online, and I did.

Check out Year by Year: 1900-2010 from infoplease.com. The site allows you to look at each year individually, or a listing by decade. It also offers some topical timelines, such as World History, Tallest Buildings, and Millennial Milestones.

The site does not cover every event in history, but it’s great for an overview of major events.

Are there any timeline websites you use in your research? If so, please share them with us in the comments.


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