Lincoln Elementary School Class Portraits – Circa 1965

Anybody recognize themselves!?! If you do, please let us know. The two photographs, which are recent donations to The Morrison County Historical Society, show two different class portraits from Lincoln Elementary School in Little Falls, Minnesota. While the teacher is identified as Jean Goedderz, all we have for the identification of most of the children are their first names. The names are printed in pencil on the back of each photograph and seem to be the handwriting of each student, though there are not enough names listed. The names are arranged in two columns and do not seem to be in any particular order.

Lincoln Elementary School - Little Falls, Minnesota

Danny, Loretta, Wendy W., Grace, Rose K., Mark B., Steven, David, Lori, Donna LeDoux, Teresa Jutz, Eugene, Judy H., Keven, Brian, Mark G., Annette, Judy P., Daniel, Michael O., Suzanne H., Tracie, Theresa, Jimmy, Jose, Kathy, Barbara, Pamela B., Elizabeth, Peggy, Todd, Jon.

Lincoln Elementary School - Little Falls, Minnesota

Jacqueline Kroll, Cynthia, Jacqueline B., Scott B., Cari, John H., Cathy, Sharon Larson, Steven, Michael W., Michael N., Robert, John Vosen, Pamela, Brian, David, Frank W., Lynn, Patricia, Tommy, Maria, Jacklynn T., Daniel, Randy, Kevin, Greg, Chris, Scott W., Justin B., Suzanne, Raymond.

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