Minnesota Official Marriage System

The Minnesota Association of County Officers has created a searchable online database of marriages in Minnesota. It is called the Minnesota Official Marriage System and is searchable by name (bride’s, groom’s, or both), county or date. I’ve added this to our Online Resources page under State Information Sources. Check it out. I’ve already found a surprise concerning a marriage in my family.

January 28, 2010 – Note: I think I’ve inadvertently confused people with this post. I have three links; one that leads you to a description of the Minnesota Association of County Officers; the second one that leads you to the Minnesota Official Marriage System search page; and the third that leads you to our Online Resources page, where I’ve listed the MN Official Marriage System.

Here’s the link to the Minnesota Official Marriage System search page: http://www.mncounty.com/Modules/Certificates/Marriage/Default.aspx

Sorry for any confusion.

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  1. I am inquiring about a marriage certificate. Your site doesn’t mention what is all on it. I am looking to verify that the person I think is my great grandfather (who disappears from the family records) was really married to my great grandmother (who we do remember and know about). Do marriage certificates also contain their parents names? I tried calling but no one picked up. I would just order a copy online but I live in Japan and you don’t have it set up to take a foreign address, and I am unable to get a money order. I am hoping you will be able to help me. The people in question are Oscar Olson and Ida Brandon cert.# D-451.
    Thank you for your assistants,
    Wendi Muto

  2. Hi, Wendi – I just got off the phone with the Marshall County Recorder, Bev Lydeen, and she said that you had sent her an email on this as well, so I trust that your questions were answered.

    For others reading the comments, the marriage certificates don’t contain parents names or birth dates. The cost of a copy of a marriage certificate through the Minnesota Official Marriage System (MOMS) is $9.00 U.S. You can order a marriage certificate online, but MOMS does not yet take credit cards. (They’re working on adding this capability.) If you have special issues, like living in Japan, you can contact a county recorder directly. Contact info for the specific county you need will show up on the marriage certificate order page on the left-hand side.

    Thanks for contacting us, Wendi. If you or anyone else has questions, let us know and we’ll try to help.

    Mary Warner

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