House History: Some Assembly Required

Picked up the mail, as I do every morning, and saw that we had received the new issue of History News, a magazine produced by the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH). Late last year, I was asked to write an article on how to collect house history for an AASLH Technical Leaflet. While the article took quite some time to write, once I was finished with it, it went to the back of my mind, pretty much forgotten. Today, when I opened History News, there it was … the Technical Leaflet I had written, House History: Some Assembly Required. In the flesh, as it were, and such a delightful surprise.

Individual copies of Technical Leaflets (AASLH has been publishing them for a long time – mine is #247) can be ordered directly from AASLH. The house history one is so new, it’s not yet appearing on the website list, but I wouldn’t think there’d be any trouble with ordering it.

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