Skimming the Cream Gone

I deleted our old blog Skimming the Cream, literally not more than 5 minutes ago. When I went to make a backup of its content (better to be safe than sorry), I discovered that someone had left a comment a few days ago, but we didn’t catch it because we weren’t updating that blog anymore. I knew then that we couldn’t keep the old blog around any longer. It was going to confuse not only web surfers, but us. So Skimming the Cream has met its demise.

Not to worry, though. All of the posts that appeared on Skimming the Cream, with the exception of the final post redirecting people here, have been imported into this blog. All you have to do is enter terms into the search box, or poke around our blog archives, and you’ll be able to read our past posts.

It appears to be taking search engines a while to catch up with our website changes, so please bear with us and them. Thanks! – Mary

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