Email Update

We are still in the process of switching our email address. The latest news in the saga is that mail sent to our old email address is now being forwarded to our new email address.

If you have regular contact with the Morrison County Historical Society, you’ll soon discover that we have TWO new email addresses. One of them – – is for use on the web. We use this one for the inevitable spiders that will crawl around and gobble it up for spam purposes. The other address (which can be formed by simply removing “contact” from our web email address) is for use on our newsletters, letterhead, and emails directly from us to you. You’ll notice that I didn’t post the full second email address here. That’s because we don’t want the spiders to get it. You can use either one for emailing us, but if you want to post our email address on the web somewhere, please use the

If you’re utterly confused by my explanation of our second email address, leave a comment or send us an email and I’ll try to do a better job of explaining the situation.

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