Morrison County Influentials: 21-25

Last week’s Morrison County Influentials were a busy group in the early history of Morrison County. Fergus, Tuttle and Sturgis and the Morrison brothers each had their own unique impact on the county.

16. Allan Morrison – Brother to William Morrison and namesake of Morrison County. Allan was a fur trader, beginning his career by working for his brother at the American Fur Company. Allan was elected to the first Minnesota Territorial Legislature and it was that group that created the counties in Minnesota. Allan was also one of the partners involved in building the first Little Falls Dam and sawmill.

17. William Morrison – Brother to Allan Morrison and namesake of Morrison County. William worked as a fur trader in the Leech Lake area in Minnesota. In 1803-04, William made a visit to the source of the Mississippi River, being the first European American to do so.

18. James Fergus – Partner with William Sturgis and Calvin Tuttle in the Little Falls Manufacturing Company. One of the company’s goals was to form the town of Little Falls. It also built the second dam for the city. The city of Fergus Falls in Otter Tail County is named for him. Fergus moved to Montana during the 1860s gold rush.

19. Calvin Tuttle – Partner with James Fergus and William Sturgis in the Little Falls Manufacturing Company. Tuttle served as the Minnesota Territorial Treasurer from 1849 to 1853. In 1868, he established a ferry near the mouth of South Two Rivers and later built a sawmill on Two Rivers in Morrison County.

20. William Sturgis – Partner with James Fergus and Calvin Tuttle in the Little Falls Manufacturing Company. Sturgis purchased the first dam and sawmill after James Green’s death and was contracted to build the first courthouse in Morrison County, a job he left unfinished. Sturgis laid out the town of Little Elk and built a sawmill at the site. In 1856, he was a member of the Minnesota Territorial Legislature. In 1857 he established a ferry at Little Falls.

Next week’s Morrison County Influentials are listed below:

21. George Harting

22. Lloyd Harting

23. Christian Von Schneidau

24. Don Merrick

25. Lee Mero

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