What Do You Think?

Surprise!  We’ve changed the look of our blog.  While we loved the original look (called a ‘theme’ in the lingo of WordPress), there was one feature we wanted but that wasn’t available with our first theme – a blog archive.  Now, if you look at the sidebar, you’ll see that archive and be able to go all the way back to the beginning post if you desire.  (August 9, 2007 was our first post.  Can you believe we’ve been doing this for a little over 8 months?)

We sifted through dozens of available WordPress themes in order to pick one that complemented our website and was easy on the eyes.  We chose several and then tried each one on Skimming the Cream to see how they looked live.  If you checked in while we were in the middle of that process, we wouldn’t be shocked if you thought our blog had multiple personalities.

Let us know what you think of the change.

2 Replies to “What Do You Think?”

  1. The blog looks GREAT! It’s easy to navigate to all the interesting past posts, and it’s clean and inviting. And, I really like the name cuz it evolks memories of grandma.
    Old and new combined–YAY!
    Thank you :^)

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