County Cemeteries on Find a Grave

When we started our Documenting Morrison County Deaths project back in 1997, I outlined the project into three phases, as follows: Phase I A) Preliminary planning B) Index obituaries C) Identify cemeteries and burial places in Morrison County Phase II A) Acquire copies of Morrison County death records through 1908…

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Roseland Cemetery Data Online

Roseland Cemetery, located in Cushing Township, Morrison County, MN, has been indexed and that index is now online at the Dalby Database. Type the letters “RLD” into the section box on the Dalby Database search page and the site will return the entire index to you. Thanks to Carl Hoffstedt…

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Online Resources

The internet is a genealogist’s paradise.  There are so many resources available online that it is difficult to keep track of them all.  Our helpful researchers periodically mention various resources to us, so I thought I’d pass some of the recent ones along to you.  Hopefully, this will help us…

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