The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum.

The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum.

The Morrison County Historical Society owns and operates The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum.

Location: 2151 South Lindbergh Drive, P.O. Box 239, Little Falls, MN 56345.

Phone: 320-632-4007

Email: contactstaff (at) morrisoncountyhistory (dot) org

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Closed Sunday, Monday & Thursday, and the following major holidays: New Year’s Day, July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day.

**The museum is open year-round, except for major holidays and extreme weather events.


  1. Hi,
    I found a 1944 photo of the Little Fall’s football team at an estate sale. It says they were undefeated and has all of their names listed on the back! Are you interested in it for your museum? I would like to donate it to you, but could I get a receipt for it? If so, where would I mail it to?
    Thank you,

    • Yes, Kelley, we would definitely be interested in the photo for the museum. If you’d like to mail it to us, send it to Morrison County Historical Society, PO Box 239, Little Falls, MN 56345. When we receive it, we will send you a donation form to sign that transfers ownership to the museum. You will also get a letter that lists your donation. We cannot by law make appraisals of items that are donated. You would have to figure out the monetary value for taxes by doing some research on similar items or talking to an appraiser.

      Mary Warner
      Museum Manager

  2. Hello,

    I am trying to find out information about a county dentist that practiced and lived I Little Falls by the name of Dr. Robert Vickerman Gibson .We know that he lived there during the time frame of 1890’s-1900’s. He had 5 children, children were Evalina, Almina,George,and the twins Nutah and
    Osver, and his wife’s name was Sarah. For some reason, which my family is trying to figure out, he uprooted the family and his practice and moved to Roseau.

    Would you have any information about him or his family, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you , Susan Lambert

    • Hi, Susan – Thanks for your research question. Our curator has emailed a response back to you. Please let us know if you don’t receive it.

      Mary Warner
      Museum Manager

  3. I have photos of the John Baptiste LeDoux (born 1856) family. I also have a photo of his Mary St Onge (born 1864) that lived in and farmed in Morrison County. They are buried at the Holy Family Church Cemetery just north of Little Falls. Would you please give me a email address to send these photos as attachments.

    Regards – Ron LeDoux

    • Hi, Ron – I’ve sent you an email in reply. Let me know if it doesn’t come through.

      Mary Warner
      Museum Manager

  4. Carol Branchaud Fox

    We are doing some family research and would be in the Little Falls area today after lunch. Would it be possible for you to gather some information for us on the Branchaud family? I understand you have files by family name so I’m hoping this would be somewhat of an easy task. We are very excited to work with you to add information to our family geneaolgy.

    • Carol – With our research process, we typically pull information when someone arrives because the Family Files are readily accessible. We look forward to seeing you this afternoon.

      Mary Warner
      Museum Manager

  5. Hi, I was reading about the old Jefferson Highway routes in Minnesota, but it looks like the links at the bottom of your Jefferson Highway article are broken.

    Thanks, Dennis

    • Hi, Dennis – That’s one of the dangers of providing links online. They’re too easy to break, especially over time. I see that I last updated our Jefferson Highway page in 2009. Six years later, alas, the links are broken. It looks like became and I couldn’t find the Minnesota section map for the highway. Thanks for bringing our attention to the broken links. I have removed the one I can no longer find and provided a new link to

      Mary Warner
      Museum Manager

  6. RE: Clough Township Morrison County near Randall, MN
    The township building was moved and inside it were papers related to township business. A 1908-1911 register of births was included. How much of this information would be wanted by your Society if any?
    Most from the early 1900’s through 1950’s.

    • Hi, Linda – We are definitely interested in township records. Give our curator, Ann Marie, a call at 320-632-4007 to let her know how big the collection is and to make arrangements to drop it off at the Weyerhaeuser Museum.

      Mary Warner
      Interim Executive Director

  7. Hi. I am trying to get information about an abuse case that happened in LF in 1978. I was told that the little falls transcript would be the place to look. Is there anyway you could assist me with this search?

    • Tammy, the Little Falls Transcript would be a good place to look. We have copies available at the museum. If you are unable to visit to do research yourself, you can take advantage of our research service. Visit the Fees & Policies section of our website for a list of research fees and resources. We look forward to helping you. Staff at MCHS.

  8. I thought I read somewhere that (this is always the question, isn’t it 🙂 that the Iron Range extended down as far as the northern portion of Morrison County. Am I correct or do I eat crow?

  9. Mary or AnneMarie,
    Are you interested in an old platform rocker and trunk? I have pictures if you would like to see them.

  10. Hi, I have been doing some family research and was able to find that my great-great grandfather was buried in the Mission Covenant Cemetery in Culdrum township. His name was Lars Olson and he died on February 4th 1914 and their is a picture of his headstone on “find a”. This past weekend we went to the cemetery and to our disappointment we were unable to find the grave. The cemetery is small and the headstone is definitely not there as we searched several times. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Luanne, The Mission Covenant Cemetery in Culdrum Township was documented through our Documenting Morrison County Deaths project. Your great-great grandfather, Lars Olson, is listed as being buried in Row 1 D6. If you would like more information, please feel free to stop by the museum. We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      MCHS Staff

  11. Dear Staff at Morrison County Historical Society,

    Very recently I discovered my family’s American Story back to my Great-Great Grandfather, Mathies Eisel. He along with his wife and 5 children immigrated to Pierz from Austria in 1869. This discovery along with articles from the Pierz Journal has helped me to learn more about my Father’s side of the family than I have learned in my 65 years. In fact, with the help of an article in the Pierz Journal dated December 1, 1910 titled, Drowns in Eddy, I was able to locate my Great-Grandfather Joseph’s Farm and view it from Google Maps. Joseph Eisel and his wife, Mary Girtz Eisel had eleven children. My Grandfather John Peter Eisel was either their first or second child.

    This discovery along with the location of Mathies’ grave in St. Josephs Cemetery and Josephs in St. Mary’s calls to my heart. I believe there are many of my distant family still possibly residing in Morrison County. Along with my three brothers, son, nephew and nieces we are planning a trip to Morrison tentatively scheduled in June 2017. Certainly the highlight of our trip would be a visit to the Historical Society. I also wonder if St. Joseph’s would have information on my family? I have never scheduled such a an event and would appreciate any guidance you can provide.

    Are you aware of the Eisel family? Is there someone at the Historical Society who could meet with us and guide us through whatever information you may have? Do you have land records?

    • Stephen Eisel, Thank you for your comment. We would be happy to have you visit the museum! Staff at the museum are always ready to help researchers, pulling sources and guiding you through the process. It sounds like you have an exciting adventure ahead. The Eisel name is a familiar one in Morrison County. We would have a number of research resources you could check, including a probate of estate for Mathias, and the St. Joseph Cemetery has been indexed. We look forward to seeing you. Staff at MCHS

  12. Greetings from Wisconsin!

    I am doing some family research and trying to locate an obituary for Harriet Nelson Fitzgerald, originally from Spicer, MN, the death date I have is 11/25/1994. I’m also looking for one for her husband, Jack Fitzgerald who death date is perhaps 9/30/1998. If there are other bits of information, I would be interested in receiving them. Thank you very much!

  13. Both my great grandfathers (Morrill Bryant and John J Clark) were members of the Grand Army of the Republic Post 31 (Workman) that met at Maurin’s Hall on 1st Street in Little Falls from 1883-1912. I have a picture of them standing sitting with their GAR Brothers on the steps of a building (I assume it is this Maurin’s Hall), probably around the turn of the 20th Century. My Great-Great grandfather Morrill Bryant is holding a flag and I actually have what is supposedly that flag too. I am looking to find out information on the GAR Post 31 in Little Falls and Maurin’s Hall (if it still stands or any old pictures of them). I also would like to know where my grandfathers are buried.

    • Garren, We would be happy to help you find information. If you are unable to visit our site to do research, feel free to take advantage of our research service. Information on research fees and services is available on the Fees & Policies section of the website. We look forward to hearing from you! MCHS Staff

  14. Do you have information on the death of John Eisel in October 1885? He was the son of Mathies and Juliana Eisel who lived in Pierz. His cause of death was listed as Pneumonia but I believe there were other circumstances leading to his death at age 22

  15. Hi, Stephen – We have an Eisel family file, which includes a family sheet on Mathias and Julianna. It lists John as one of their children, but it does not have any further info other than that he died at the age of 22. There is no obituary in the file.

    If you’d like to go further with research on this, you may stop in to the Weyerhaeuser Museum during our open hours and staff will assist you. Or, staff can do the research for you if you send an email request to contactstaff (at) morrisoncountyhistory (dot) org or give us at call at 320-632-4007. We charge $25 per hour for research conducted by staff.

    Mary Warner
    Executive Director

  16. Wondering if your historical society has any pictures or information on the Freedhem Elementary School? My husband was a student there from around 1962 to 1966. He has many fond memories and would like to share some of them with our children & grandchildren.

    • Kay – I’m having our office assistant do a quick check of our files to see if we have anything from the Freedhem school. She won’t be in until tomorrow to look, so it might take until next week for her to reply. Thanks for your question.

      Mary Warner
      Executive Director

  17. I will be in your area on Monday, April 3 and hope to stop in to your Historical Society to do some research on James McDougle. He moved to Todd County some time in the 1900’s and lived in and around the area until his death in 1984. Will anyone be around to help me in my research?

    • Hi, Judy – Unfortunately, the Weyerhaeuser Museum is not open on Mondays. Our hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you stop in on any of our open days, someone will be able to help you with your research.

      Mary Warner
      Executive Director

  18. Would like a copy of bio of Joseph Paquin and cost. Also, do you have info on whether Irene Paquin b. 1906 was married about 1923. Parents were Rudy and Augusta Paquin.

  19. Would like a copy of the bio of Joseph Paquin. Also do you have a marriage for Irene Paquin about 1923….b. 1906, parents Rudy and Augusta Paquin.

  20. Hi, Patty – Thanks for your comments. We’ll respond via email to your research request.

    Mary Warner
    Executive Director

  21. I have a number of photographs of the Abraham K. Miller family who lived in Little Falls and are buried in the cemetery there, as well as family information. The people in the photos have been identified; are they something you would be interested in. They date from late 1890’s and early 1900’s

  22. Dear MHS,

    My late stepfather, Alan Owen Nelson, was born in Little Falls (in 1940), but his parents, Norman Nelson and Ruth Hall Nelson, were from Randall. Norman’s first cousin was the Little Falls High English teacher Norma Nelson, who died in 2012. I saw her obituary in the Morrison County Record yesterday. It mentions a book she wrote about Randall, “Little City with Big Heart.” Do you know what year it was published and where I can find a copy?

    Also, Norma Nelson’s brother, George C. Nelson, put together a two-volume family history completed in 1996. It covers both the Nelson side of his family and the side of his mother, Ida Schwanke Nelson. It’s subtitle is “A Pound of Nails, Two Pounds of Herring, and Two Quarts of Sauerkraut.” We have this family history in our possession here in Sacramento, California. Does the MHS have a copy? If not, would it be interested in one? Of course, Lyle Nelson, George and Norma’s brother, probably has a copy. He lives in Little Falls, as I understand.

    Thank you.

    Nick Alexander
    Sacramento, CA
    916 743 1720

  23. Hello. Spoke with Amy today. She suggested that I let you know that my sisters and I will be in Little Falls on September 22nd and 23rd. We hope to do some research on our great grandfather, Adalbert Czechowicz and his wife Mary. We do have a lot of information you provided several years ago, but hope to dig a little deeper. We will be traveling from both the west and east coast specifically for this purpose. Therefore, it would be appreciated if you would let us know should your Friday and Saturday hours change.

    Many thanks,

    Carol Petricka

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