Collections Carousel – Snow Shovelers on Broadway East in Little Falls, Circa 1930

Snow Shovelers on Broadway East in Little Falls, Minnesota. Circa 1930

Already tired of shoveling snow? The three guys in this undated photo postcard who are trying to clear large piles of snow along Broadway East in downtown Little Falls would probably think last Monday’s snowstorm was not much of a weather event, even though much of Morrison County and the rest of Central Minnesota got over a foot of snow. The unidentified men don’t even look pooped, though the younger one in the right-foreground does look a bit disgruntled. Depending on which part of the Minnesota snow season this photo was taken, these guys might have had a lot more work ahead of them before spring arrived.

The buildings in the background¬†include several popular local businesses, such as Nelson’s Photo Studio which was located at 42 Broadway East. The three-story brick building at the far right is identified on the January 1930 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map for Little Falls as the Little Falls Garment Company, a fur garment factory. The low buildings to the left of the light pole in the foreground include the office and garage of the Broadway Chevrolet Company, one of sixteen automobile dealers and repairers located in Little Falls around 1930. The garage had a capacity for fifty cars.

Unidentified Students – Lincoln School


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Here is a photo of the second grade class at Lincoln Elementary School in c. 1946 in Little Falls, Minnesota. Three of the students are identified. Robert “Jim” Warzecha is the fourth child from the right in the first row. On his left is Norma Pekarek. Gary Patnaude is on the far right in the first row.

Can you identify any of the other children? If so, please let us know in the comments.

Collections Carousel: Eyes I Love Sheet Music

Sometimes (often!) we receive an artifact at the Weyerhaeuser Museum that contains more fascinating material than what the item ostensibly displays. Such is the case with a piece of sheet music we recently received.

The music, which is supposedly the important part of this piece, is for a song called “Eyes I Love,” by May Hewes Dodge and John Wilson Dodge. It was published in 1906.

What surrounds the music are local advertisements for businesses operating in Little Falls, Minnesota, at that time. Between the ads, the list of officers for the Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks (Little Falls Lodge No. 770), and a list of boosters for the piece, we have a snapshot of local citizens in 1906. Dan Bell, L. Pancratz, Martin Engstrom, Christian Rosenmeier, Dr. J. H. Newman, Henry J. LaFond, Max A. Corbin, H. W. Venners, to name just a few.

A couple of the ads are truly clever.

“Buckman Hotel, Little Falls, Minn. – Enough Said”

“We would like to C.U.B.A. customer of ours – German American Nat’l Bank”

Naturally, we wanted to know if there was anything going on between Cuba and the United States at that time because that’s such a specific reference. Of course there was. President Theodore Roosevelt ordered an invasion of Cuba in 1906.

Have a look through the 8 pages of the sheet music document and see what wonders pop into your mind about local history.

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