Research Information

While organizing information in our township boxes into folders, I thought this would be something to share with our researchers who are not aware such a thing exists.  Oh, I’ve not finished organizing, as the museum has close to 50 townships boxes; but I marvel at some of the information that has been collected in these boxes…

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Summer’s Arrived

The feeder’s washed and filled with fresh juice for the hummingbirds.  Fields of wild flowers are  bending with the wind preparing to burst out in bloom.  The planter at the entrance of the museum is filled with variegated purple and white verbena, bacopa of white with yellow centers, peach geraniums…

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Detour Ahead

There will be a detour in Little Falls starting Monday, April 28 and, weather permitting, finishing on Wednesday afternoon, April 30.  Little Falls city crews will be repairing patches, while Burlington Northern Sante Fe crews will be doing maintenance work on the tracks. You will have to make a mile…

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